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Electricity Sensor Ball, by Tedco Toys

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Electricity Sensor Ball, by Tedco Toys

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Tedco science toys provide simple demonstration of complex concepts.  Perfect for home and school use - and a lot of fun!

Experience first-hand the science of electricity and circuits with the Tedco Sensor Ball. This ball may look like nothing but an ordinary ping-pong ball, but touch the two metal strips with your finger tips closing the circuit and - BUZZ! FLASH! - Electrical excitement lights up fast!

An ingenious and inexpensive device to teach and learn about electricity, circuits, conductors and electrons. Or just for fun.

The Sensor Ball is an example of an open circuit. Upon investigation it will become obvious that when you touch the metal electrodes the electricity flows and the ball comes to life. By touching the electrodes you have closed the circuit, no more gaps means electrons can flow.

Group demonstrations are always a hit: have everyone hold hands in a circle, then include the Sensor Ball by having two people touch one electrode each. The electricity flows through everyone in the circle to light up the energy ball. What happens when someone lets go of the person next to them? A gap is created just like a switch. This demonstrates that people are good conductors of electricity, but what about other materials? Use the energy ball to find out.

Shipping Note: Even if out of stock, you may "preorder" this item and it will ship direct from the manufacturer with only 1-2 days processing delay.

To learn more about why Green Rainbow Revolution thinks Tedco Toys is GRReat!, check out our Supplier Profiles.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Vegan.
  • Made in the China.
  • Recyclable cardboard packaging.
  • Recommended for age 6+.


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