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Beeswax Pumpkin Candles, by Big Dipper Wax Works

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Beeswax Pumpkin Candles, by Big Dipper Wax Works

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Big Dipper candles are long-burning, 100% beeswax with 100% cotton wicks. These handcrafted pumpkins are perfect for a Halloween or a fall table setting to create a lovely harvest display!  

To extend the life of your carved candle, simply burn a tea light candle inside the pumpkin shell and continue to enjoy its luminous glow long past its first use!

Beeswax candles smell great, and they're also the smart choice for you and the environment. Beeswax is nontoxic and nonallergenic, and beeswax candles burn clean and soot free. When burned, they release negative ions that improve air quality by eliminating pollutants and allergens from the air. Big Dipper Wax Works also uses vegetable oil based dyes, which are cleaner and more sustainable that traditional candle dyes.

To learn more about why Green Rainbow Revolution thinks Big Dipper Wax Works is GRReat!, check out our Supplier Profiles.

Colors & Sizes

Small red 3" x 2" = 20 hour burn time.

Medium yellow 3" 3.25" = 35 hour burn time.

Large orange 4" x 3" = 40 hour burn time.

The Nitty Gritty

  • 10% of the net profits from all candle sales is donated to organizations dedicated to outreach, education, and sustainability efforts devoted to promoting sustainable beekeeping.
  • Beeswax is biodegradable.
  • 100% cotton wicks.
  • No lead.
  • No metal.
  • No VOCs.
  • No paraffin. 
  • No sulfur.
  • No excess packaging.
  • Made in the USA.


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