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Light-Sensitive Sun Art Paper (5 x 7), by Tedco Toys

  • $12.00
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Light-Sensitive Sun Art Paper (5 x 7), by Tedco Toys
Light-Sensitive Sun Art Paper (5 x 7), by Tedco ToysLight-Sensitive Sun Art Paper (5 x 7), by Tedco ToysLight-Sensitive Sun Art Paper (5 x 7), by Tedco Toys
Light-Sensitive Sun Art Paper (5 x 7), by Tedco Toys

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SunArt Paper is perfect for STEM to STEAM projects! Make unique and beautiful art projects while learning the science behind making photograms (photographic images made without using a camera). All you need is sunshine, water, natural or man-made objects and your creativity!

Use the SunArt Paper kit outdoors on a sunny or overcast day, outside or inside by a sunny window. Simply select your objects (leaves, flowers, keys, toys, or whatever you desire), place them on the light-sensitive paper, expose the paper so sunlight for 1-5 minutes, and rinse is water to set. Presto! You have your very own shadow print!

Cyanotypes are made using light-sensitive, cyanotype paper. They are photographs sometimes known as blueprints or sunprints. They are also called shadow prints or "Rayographs" after the artist Man Ray. A photochemical solution made from potassium ferricyanide and a ferric ammonium citrate is brushed onto paper, and when exposed to UV light, the light reduces the iron from iron (III) to iron (II), followed by a chemical reaction of iron (II) with ferricyanide. This result is an insoluble, blue dye known as Prussian blue.

Tedco Toys SunArt Paper is fun and eco-friendly, too! SunArt Paper has the smallest carbon footprint of any blueline craft paper on the market today. Made in the USA, the SunArt Paper is packaged with a recycled paper envelope and printed with biodegradable inks. The acrylic sheet is cut from scraps from a local plastic company.

Paper Sizes

Kit includes 15 sheets of light-sensitive paper and an acrylic panel to hold items in place.  SunArt Paper comes in 4" x 6", 5" x 7", or 8" x 10".

To learn more about why Green Rainbow Revolution thinks Tedco Toys is GRReat! check out our Supplier Profiles.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Recyclable paper.
  • Recyclable paper packaging printed with biodegradable inks.
  • Recyclable #7 acrylic plastic cut from manufacturing scap.
  • Vegan.
  • Made in the USA.


No items found.

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