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A Message From GRR's Founder

Dear Green Rainbow Revolutionary,

Welcome!  If you'd like to learn more about Green Rainbow Revolution, you're in the right place.

The story of Green Rainbow Revolution begins with me, Leila Goldmark.  A few years back, I was an environmental advocacy attorney, happy as a clam, fightin' the good fight to protect New York City's drinking water...and then I had a baby.  

I wanted to buy ethical, healthy, sustainable products for my new baby, and NERTS, that was hard!  

Problem 1: How do I weed though all the Greenwashing to find, and understand, what I really want to buy?  Sure, I knew a lot about the Clean Water Act and fighting polluters, but trying to understand the maze of laws, regulations, and third-party seals and certifications that applied to kids stuff - or any retail product - gave me a serious headache.  Who should I TRUST?

Problem 2: There were a fair number of organic and sustainable products available for babies, but a lot of them were just plain ugly!  I was not convinced that being an environmentalist meant that I had to settle for poor design, poor quality, or boring beige hippy crunchy products that were decades behind the times.  Did my baby really have to go around in an oatmeal sack with pictures of googly-eyed vegetables all over it?  Where was the STYLE?  Where was the COLOR? Where was the FUN?

The Solution: Green Rainbow Revolution

Eventually, that "Eureka!" moment hit me.  If I was going to solve these problems for myself, I should solve them for you too!  And thus, the idea for Green Rainbow Revolution was born.

Quite simply, Green Rainbow Revolution promises to source and develop products that are:
• Beautifully designed
• Seriously fun
• Sneakily (or not so sneakily) educational
• Reasonably priced
• Environmentally friendly &
• Ethically produced

Because we carry a wide variety of products and there are no universal standards or certifications that can cover all types of products and benefits (for example, there are over 180 different third-party environmental seals and certifications), GRR has developed its own nifty, color-coded GRR Benefit Symbols to help you quickly find the types of benefits you’re looking for.

I feel GRReat! about the products we've found for you, and I hope you'll give me the chance to earn your trust and loyalty.  

Because I am an advocate at heart, Green Rainbow Revolution is more than a "store."  If you browse our site, you'll see that we offer a variety of educational content on art, environmental science, and social justice issues - from educational DIY science and art projects, to tips on how to "go green," and an overview of important issues and NGOs that are working for all of us.  This content is FREE, whether you shop with us or not.

If you'd like to learn more about what makes me, and GRR, tick, keep browsing the About section.

If you're looking for more detailed information on business practices and policies, please check out our Legal Stuff.

If there's something you'd like us to know, or ways we can improve, please let us know!  You can Contact us any time.  We'd love to hear from you.

Please join us, take our hand, and together we can accomplish GRReat! things.

Leila Goldmark
Founder, GRR

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