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GRR Benefit Symbols Defined

Because we carry a wide variety of products and there are no universal standards or certifications that can cover all types of products and benefits (for example, there are over 180 different third-party environmental seals and certifications), Green Rainbow Revolution has developed its own nifty, color-coded system to help you quickly find the types of benefits you’re looking for.

We strive to explain things using plain, common sense language. We will clearly indicate where and when a term may have a more specific, regulated usage.

Art Education

Indicates that a product can be used for art education or creative expression, including both the visual and performing arts. 

Science Education

Indicates that product can be used for science education, experimentation, or that it incorporates a scientific principle in its design.

Natural or Organic Materials

Indicates that a product is made with natural, not synthetic, man-made materials.  We use the terms "natural" and "organic" with their common language meanings.  If an item is legally certified as "organic," the product listing will clearly state what certification is being referenced.  For example, organic textiles generally are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs, but the exact specifications will be determined by the standards of the certifying organization.

Recycled and Recyclable Materials

Indicates that a product contains post-consumer, recycled materials or pre-consumer waste materials that would otherwise be headed to the trash.  It does not include "upcycled" or repurposed materials that have not previously been used or discarded.  It can also indicate that a product is made from recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Vegan Materials

Indicates that a product contains no animal or animal by-products.

Cruelty-Free Materials

Indicates that a product was produced with no animal testing, or if an animal by-product is used, that it is sourced from a humanely raised animal. 

Responsible Manufacturing and Distribution 

Indicates that a product has been produced with innovative manufacturing, packaging, or shipping processes.  For example, a factory may use renewable energy or reduce water use.  Packaging might made of recycled or recyclable materials.  Or, a company may purchase carbon offsets for fuel used in shipping.

Fair and Ethical Labor 

Indicates that a product was made by workers who are treated fairly and ethically.  Key elements include fair wages, safe working conditions, opportunities for job training and advancement, no child labor, and transparency.  As with "natural" and "organic" issues, we address labor issues with common sense language.   The term "Fair Trade" indicated adherence to the specific labor standards of different certifying organizations, and use of that term will be clearly indicated in product listings.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Indicates a corporate "star" that has made a significant commitment to "doing well by doing good" and incorporated such ideals into its long-term business model.  These companies have taken tangible steps not only to reduce and minimize the negative impacts associated with their operations, but also to create a positive impact on the environment, employees, consumers, communities, and other stakeholders within their sphere of influence. 

Made in the USA 

Indicates that a product was made in the USA, thereby reducing a product's carbon footprint and contributing to the local economy. 

If you’d like to learn more about the issues we consider before awarding a product with one of our benefit symbols, check out our GRRrrr! Product Promise & Purchasing Guidelines.

By Leila Goldmark, January 1, 2013

Art Education Science Education Natural or Organic Materials Recycled and Recyclable Materials Vegan Materials Cruelty-Free Materials Responsible Manufacturing and Distribution Fair and Ethical Labor Corporate Social Responsibility Made in the USA