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About Leila Goldmark

Leila is the founder of Green Rainbow Revolution, LLC, but who is she really?  Hmmm...

Environmental Lawyer, Business Owner

  On paper, Leila’s pretty serious. She double-majored in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Wesleyan University, and went on to earn a J.D./LL.M in International and Comparative Law at Duke University School of Law in 2001.  For seven years, she worked as a Staff Attorney & Program Director for the public interest law firm, Riverkeeper, Inc., where she worked as a litigator, lobbyist, and grassroots campaigner to protect New York City’s world-renown unfiltered drinking water supply and watershed lands. In this role, she had the honor of working alongside many talented and dedicated advocates and attorneys, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr..   Her work to educate youth and bring minority groups into the environmental community was recognized by the YWCA, and in 2007, Leila received tribute as a “Person to Watch” at the YWCA’s annual Salute to Women & Racial Justice.

With a increasing desire to better connect the environmental and business communities, Leila decided it was time to grow and learn...again.  In 2010, she earned an MBA from Columbia Business School, where she focused on social-eco entrepreneurship, leadership, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. It was at Columbia that the idea for Green Rainbow Revolution was first born and nurtured.  

Artist, Freak Flag Flyer

Off paper, Leila is not always so serious, and has a more creative alter ego busting through the credentialed cracks.  In the ancient days of High School, she was voted Most Artistic, not Most Likely to be a JD/MBA.   The daughter of an architect and graphic designer/photographer, art and design have always been integral parts of her everyday life.  As a teen, she studied dance, painting, jewelry making, and glassblowing at Buck’s Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp, which inspired her to continue glassblowing instruction at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and Tennessee Tech University’s Appalachian Center for Craft.   

Mommy, Wife, Friend

  When she’s not busy trying to save the world and inspiring you to try too, Leila likes to spend relaxing, quality, time with her family and friends.  Outdoors, she often can be spotted hiking in the woods, swimming in the river, or lazing in her hammock.  Indoors and out, she loves to get messy doing wacky crafts and experiments with her daughter, Jordan Kaya.   She enjoys reading books on art, philosophy, eco-economics, and social justice, but mostly she’s a big sci-fi geek.   Favorite music includes Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Michael Franti & Spearhead, and Beck.   And, when she’s simply too tired for anything else, she can be found vegetating in front of The Daily Show with John Stewart, the Colbert Report, or Adult Swim, with organic beer in hand. 

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