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At Green Rainbow Revolution, we're willing to take a stand, and support issues that we believe are important to maintain a tolerant, peaceful, and prosperous community of individuals.  We prioritize suppliers that give back to their communities, and GRR is committed to giving back, as well.

Each year, GRR will donate a percentage of profits to NGOs that provide art, environmental science, or social justice education for youth.  Children are our future, and they all deserve a chance to participate in and shape the world they want to live in.  GRR is committed to supporting organizations that provide direct service to, and advocate on behalf of, our children.

While GRR will retain discretion regarding which types of organizations to fund, we will ask YOU to weigh in on exactly which organizations will win our prize.  When you sign up for our GRReat! News newsletter, please let us know what causes are important to you.  So, stay tuned for your first chance to vote...

In the meantime, we encourage you to explore GRR's selected causes and Take Action.  If there are other issues that are important to you, we encourage you to share your ideas, debate the details, and create a dialogue from which we all can grow.  Just leave your comments below!

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