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About GRR

At home in South Africa I have sometimes said in big meetings where you 
have black and white together: “Raise your hands!” Then I've said, “Move 
your hands,” and I've said: “Look at your hands – different colours 
representing different people.  You are the rainbow people of God."

And you remember the rainbow in the Bible is the sign of peace.  The 
rainbow is the sign of prosperity.  We want peace, prosperity and justice 
and we can have it when all the people of God, the rainbow people of God, work together.

~ Desmond Tutu, preaching in Tronso 
   (north of the Arctic Circle), Norway

GRR Mission Statement

Provide the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and empower everyone to better our shared environment, creative arts, and diverse society – and have a heck of a good time doing it!

GRR Philosophy: Serious, Sustainable, Fun

At Green Rainbow Revolution, we’re looking to foster both left- and right-brained thinking by focusing on the creative connection between art and science.  Too often we hear artists say, “I’m bad with numbers,” and scientists say, “I can’t draw.” We say, “Nonsense!”  The key is exploring each area in a fun and non-threatening way.   Therefore, we offer a wide selection of art and educational toys to spark interest in young minds today.   Through play, our children can become the confident, creative, critical-thinking, problem-solvers our world needs – the revolutionaries of tomorrow.  

OK, OK.  The world is a serious place, and there are serious problems to tackle.   But, if we’re SO serious all the time, we are likely to suffer from both physical and mental issues fatigue.  How many more times do you want to hear that the sky is falling?   NONE! At Green Rainbow Revolution, we’ll offer you a deal.   We’re going to tackle serious issues, and we’re going to ask you to do your part too, but we promise to make it EASY and also make it FUN!  

So, let's get the serious bits out of the way...

Our Business... 

Let's be Frank (or Sally, or Bob, or whomever you'd like), Green Rainbow Revolution is going to try to sell you stuff, because we've all got to make a living if we hope to fund our world-saving passions...and at Green Rainbow Revolution, we've got a lot of passion.
GRR sells top-quality, designer products, that are ethically and sustainably produced.  We sell basic products that all people need, things to nourish hearts and minds - art supplies, toys, and lifestyle gear - that will help you create, explore, and be all that you desire.  

GRR strives to be as transparent as possible.  If you'd like to learn more about how we select GRReat! stuff for you, check out the GRR Product Promise & Purchasing Guidelines.  We won't just TELL you our stuff is better.  We'll tell you WHY we think it's better than more conventional choices, and we'll help you make your own purchasing decisions with facts in hand.  

To help you quickly find products with qualities you care about, we've created a simple set of visual icons that will appear, as appropriate, on every product we sell.  To learn more about why our products and suppliers are GRReat!, check out our GRR Benefit Symbols and GRR Supplier Profiles.

Our Ideas...

At GRR, we're willing to take a stand, and support issues that we believe are important to maintain a tolerant, peaceful, and prosperous community of individuals.  If you share our values, we encourage you to Take Action, and voice your support.  If there are other issues that are important to you, we encourage you to share your ideas, debate the details, and create a dialogue from which we all can grow.

Our Commitments...

As soon as it reaches break-even, GRR will begin donating a percentage of profits to NGOs that provide art, environmental science, and social justice education for youth.  Children are our future, and they all deserve a chance to participate in and shape the world they want to live in.

While GRR will retain discretion regarding which types of organizations to fund, we will ask YOU to weigh in on exactly which organizations will win our prize.  When you sign up for our GRReat! News newsletter, please let us know what causes are important to you.  And, stay tuned for your first chance to vote...

And You...

At GRR, we believe that tackling serious problems requires more than commitment - it takes creativity, ingenuity and vision.  We must all be artists, scientists and social revolutionaries.  

Artists observe, reflect, and create. With an artist’s eye, we observe the world, we see what exists and also what can be.   We learn to think creatively, to express ideas in all forms.

Scientists observe, hypothesize and test.   With a scientist’s mind, we observe and identify a problem, we propose a possible solution, and we test that proposal.  We learn to think procedurally about inputs, outputs, and outcomes.

Revolutionaries take the leap and cross the divide. With a revolutionary’s hand and voice, we gather together our observation, plans, and passions. Then we share our ideas, debate and grow them, , and together, we can build the world of our dreams.

Green Rainbow Revolution, is more than a store.  It's your partner.  While we'd love to be your go-to store for all of your shopping needs,  we also want to teach, share, learn and grow with you.  We hope you'll browse our site frequently - for educational tips on how to "go green", or DIY science and art projects - and share your own knowledge and ideas with the GRR community.

Please join us, take our hand, and together we can accomplish GRReat! things.

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